Sunday, November 26, 2006

Levi's developments

Levi is now almost 8 months old. He has really become a little character, and is as cute as ever! He's been getting up on all fours for the past two months, but still gets around by scooching across the floor or rolling around. Lately, he's been doing a bit of an army crawl. He has also mastered sitting up! We're working on getting him to eat solid foods, but he's not all that interested. Look for the celebratory blog entry in the near future announcing his first night of sleeping through -- we've got a plan to reclaim our nights! We'll keep you posted...

Other Levi-isms:
  • Flipping his lips or tongue with his fingers
  • Babbling, specifically saying "mama" and "dada" -- I think he knows what he's saying, seriously! But then, I'm biased. :)
  • LOVES watching his big brother.
  • laughs at the drop of a hat, and is extremely ticklish!


Holidays get more fun every year! Last year was the first time to take Sam trick-or-treating, but he didn't wear his costume for more than a few seconds. I don't think we even got a picture of him in it! This year was completely different. He was Tigger, and not only did he help pick out the costume
but he wore it for 2 different parties! Here he is with most of his preschool class. Cute, huh?

Not much of a blogger...

Well, this blog wasn't forgotten, but certainly hasn't been a priority of late. Obviously. But here I am to catch up! Truthfully, the start of the school year got the best of me, and it was enough to get Sam to preschool, keep the family dressed, fed, and rested, and clean the bathrooms every few weeks. I still probably average 6 hours of interrupted sleep per night, but we're working on that (the goal is to get Levi to sleep through the night by Christmas at the latest!).
In order to catch up, I thought I'd give you a few highlights.

The word of the month was "preschool". Sam liked it at first, now he loves it. Miss Tony is his teacher's name - we weren't sure at first if both school and teacher were a good fit, but time has shown that Miss Tony usually knows what she's doing. Sam begins each day by coming through the door and yelling "Hi, Miss Tony!"

To comemorate fall, Sam and I made these cookies.


What a beautiful month! We spent one morning at Oxon Hill farms. Sam and his little friend Symon don't look like the city boys they are, do they?!