Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes, I'm finally posting again!

Just a quickie...

I read this today and was reminded of how I felt exactly a year ago, when Nate was only days old. Or maybe it is how I felt about 11.5 months ago, when most of the help (i.e. my mom, dad and husband) had to get back to their jobs and lives for most of the time.

Overwhelmed, wonderful, terrified, sweet. Many different feelings all at once.

When I first started reading, I actually had that sense that I think all women get after they're done having kids: I wanted another one! But then I kept reading and I was like, "ok... no."

And now, how are we doing?


Apart from some sleep issues. (Yes, it is ongoing. I'm hoping it will end when the kids are all past 3 or so. Right?) And the ganging up on the parents issue, which only mischievously happens a couple of times a day, but still. Oh, and the "Nate gets into everything" issue, but that's to be expected of a 12 month old.

There's plenty of giggling that happens around here.