Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Levi's Firsts

Levi’s had a big week. Yesterday he received his first haircut! His crazy ‘do had evolved from the newborn head of fuzz to a comb-over mullet with a few bald spots on the back and sides. (see pictures) I love the idea of letting a baby have the bohemian look, but it just didn’t seem to be working for him. The hair at the nape of his neck was longer than the collar of a t-shirt, and he had a little bit that would puff out over his ears. I just trimmed it up. What a relief!

Then, this afternoon I put him under his play gym so I could get a couple of things done. Next time I looked at him, and he had rolled over onto his stomach! I went over to him, and in another minute he rolled back onto his back. He must be a genius.

Earthly and Heavenly Fathers

Last night when I was trying to get Sam back to sleep, he kept asking me where I was going when I left his room (i.e., to the living room, not the store). I was trying to reassure him that he would be fine (he's been saying, "is anything not going to happen? Will there not be any shadows?"), telling him that not only would I be home and Daddy would soon be home too, but that God is always with him, loves him and will take care of him. Then he said thoughtfully, "Are Daddy and God big?" I answered yes. Then he said, "Are Daddy and God grown-ups?" I had to answer yes to that one, too, although I'm not really sure what the answer is. Shows there's truth to the teaching that our earthly fathers help us understand our heavenly Father.

What they left out of the Bible

Sam has a little friend named Symon whom he has played with since the two were babies. Symon and his mom, Anita, were over at our place the other day. Anita and I were commenting how great it is that we can just let them play for long periods without having to referee. I decided to go and check on them, since they were pretty quiet in Sam's room. I was amazed to find them sitting on Sam's big floor pillows, looking at a book together!

I asked Sam about this later.
Me: Sam, you and Symon were playing so nicely today. Did Symon read you some books?

Sam: Yes, and I read him a book about Jesus.

Me: Oh, what did Jesus do in the book?

Sam: Jesus was a tiny baby, and then he became a man.

Me: What did he do as a man?

Sam: (excitedly) He picked up a box. And in the box he got out lots of tiny balls. And he threw them at the couch.

Hmmm. Are there theological ramifications?