Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What they left out of the Bible

Sam has a little friend named Symon whom he has played with since the two were babies. Symon and his mom, Anita, were over at our place the other day. Anita and I were commenting how great it is that we can just let them play for long periods without having to referee. I decided to go and check on them, since they were pretty quiet in Sam's room. I was amazed to find them sitting on Sam's big floor pillows, looking at a book together!

I asked Sam about this later.
Me: Sam, you and Symon were playing so nicely today. Did Symon read you some books?

Sam: Yes, and I read him a book about Jesus.

Me: Oh, what did Jesus do in the book?

Sam: Jesus was a tiny baby, and then he became a man.

Me: What did he do as a man?

Sam: (excitedly) He picked up a box. And in the box he got out lots of tiny balls. And he threw them at the couch.

Hmmm. Are there theological ramifications?

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