Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break's over!

So this week was Sam's spring break. And what was the highlight? Um, let's see... was it the trip to Trader Joe's, or all the PBS Sam got to watch? Yeah, this year was not stellar as far as spring breaks go.

Next year, though, has promise. Sam has declared that he is going to Mexico with his daddy. And I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to get myself down there, too. :)

But back to spring break... it wasn't bad, really, to have all three kids home all week. The hard part is that it's not easy to get out of the house these days. Nate takes two naps, and his awake time of the day is usually during Levi's nap. So I tried to get out, but it didn't happen until after 3pm each day. This made for several days of not getting out of our pajamas until lunchtime or slightly before, and a 4 year old who was bouncing off the walls by the time we left the apartment.

We did, however, get in some good game-playing time, and I've realized that Sam has truly entered boyhood. The amount of thought and words spent on death, guns, shooting, and poop was surprising. The energy in his little body amazes me! And this scares me, because I realize that in 4 short years I'll have 3 of them. Full-fledged boys, that is. Not sure apartment living is going to do it for us by then.

So about spring break... I realized that spring break is great practice for summer. I am looking forward to it, but my conclusion is that I need a plan. Here are some of my ideas:
  • an outing planned each day, even if it's just to the park
  • take the boys out for a short walk before Nate's morning nap
  • schedule time to play with each child (i.e. while I play with Levi, Sam can play computer games; while Levi naps I'll play with Sam)
  • schedule mommy time - i.e. while the babies nap, Sam needs to find something to do by himself for half an hour or so so that I can veg for a few minutes.
  • have a list of special activities I can do with the boys that are a bit novel for them: try a new food (artichoke?), plant a seed and watch it grow each day, etc.
  • cook with them
  • check out classes with DC rec centers - they have options for preschoolers like gymnastics, swimming, art and music
  • schedule play dates

I'd love some more ideas, especially activities that we can do at home during Nate's many naps. Feel free to leave me some in the comments! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mike took Sam bowling with him tonight. They went with several students from AU, and just got home not long ago. While they were gone, I of course stayed home with Levi and Nate. Nate napped on and off until he went to bed, so I had lots of one-on-one time with Levi. We played with balls and cars, had dinner, and then I let him take a shower.

(Sounds bizarre, I know. But since they've been congested the past week we started letting Sam and Levi play in the shower stall in our master bathroom, complete with a bucket and cups. It has been a big help with both the congestion as well as the doldrums.)

I was a little concerned as I put him to bed that he wouldn't cooperate without Sam and Daddy there during our little routine. But instead, he was more into the book reading, and when it came time for songs and prayer he just cuddled up in my arms and relished in it.

When Mike and Sam got home around 9 (! - so late for Sam!) Sam had obviously had a blast. He was sleepy and smiley. I asked him if he liked hanging out with the students. He looked at Mike and said, "I like hanging out with YOU!"

Oh, to give them the one-on-one attention they crave every day.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morn

Unfortunately we didn't make it to church this morning. All the boys are in the first few days of a cold, and Levi's nose is particularly runny. So we made the most of it and had Easter "church" at home.

We told the kids the story of Easter using the Resurrection Eggs from Family Life. Sam loves this activity, and Levi ran around saying "Eggs! Eggs!" We sang a couple of songs, then made "resurrection rolls" together - a really fun little activity where you put a marshmallow in the middle of a Pillsbury Crescent roll, bake it and find when it's done that it is hollow - just like the empty tomb.

After everyone took naps in the afternoon, we went to have dinner with our small group, which was a blast!

On Saturday, while my home was being cleaned :), Mike took Sam and Levi to our church's Eggstravaganza. Sam came home with a bucketful o' eggs and candy!

Extreme Home Makeover, Chi Alpha Style

OK, so they didn't exactly knock down our apartment building and then build a huge, sparkling home with Sears appliances in it's place. But yesterday I was extremely blessed by a team of 8 Chi Alphans from New Orleans who were here during their spring break to serve our campus. They were headed home in the afternoon, but before they left they came to our home and cleaned it from top to bottom.

I am someone who thoroughly enjoys a clean home; at the same time, it's not a higher priority than, say, eating a meal that didn't originate in my freezer or changing my baby's diapers. So the cleaning really hasn't happened so much since Nate has been born.

Many, many thanks to Jenn, Matt and the students of NOXA!

I Can't Resist A Naked Baby

What a cutie! Nate is 3 months old, weighing in at 14 pounds these days.

He's already starting to play with toys!
My two babies, but not for long... Levi will turn two on April 8th.
Another picture of two babes. ;)

Daddy's Home!

After a week in Mexico and a week of crazy activities on campus, Daddy is finally ours for a few days!

Sam, Levi and I made this sign a week ago for Mike's arrival home from taking 9 AU Chi Alpha students to Mexico. (In the process we had a balloon party. ) They gave their spring break to help a Mexican church dig a new foundation for part of their church building and share with them what Jesus has done in their lives.

Mike had a day off, then jumped back into things on campus with the arrival of Holy week. We didn't see much of him until Friday evening.

Thankfully, he's past the busiest time of the semester. He'll still have quite a few evening and weekend commitments during the month of April, but at least he can take a day off here and there. We sure do notice his absence when he's gone - Mommy just doesn't make the same wrestling partner.

Glad to have you home, Babe!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

When I picked Sam up from school, it became apparent to us parents that the class had it's second party of the week today: an easter egg hunt. (The first being Monday, St. Patty's Day. See lovely picture.) Oh, the sugar.

At home, I asked him how his day was. His respose:

"It was going slow. It was as slow as a ... a toad."

I don't think he's ever encountered a toad. But it was hard to wait for that egg hunt!

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Just a sec... Let me take this call."

Bugged by Bugs

A few nights ago when I was putting Sam and Levi to bed, Sam looked up from his pillow and spotted a small spider on the ceiling. At first I tried to help him forget about it and told him what I was always told: spiders are our friends. They eat all the other bugs. He wasn't buying it.

So, I asked him if I should kill it. He said yes, so I went and retrieved the broom and a tissue, and got the job done.

Sam: "Is it dead?"

Me: "Yep. Dead and gone."

And with that, Sam burst into tears. "I didn't really want him to die!" Oh, my sensitive boy.

The next morning he discovered that there were two teeny tiny ants crawling on our heater, right next to his child-sized table where he eats his breakfast. His eyes were big as he reported their presence to me (he is a true city boy, not at all into bugs!). I asked him if we should kill them or just let them be. He decided to let them be and move his breakfast to the "big" table.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yankee Indoctrination, Rockin' Preschoolers, and Adorably Short Arms

Just a quick photo montage. Enjoy!


Levi found his boots in the bottom of the front closet yesterday. He was quite excited about them.
He was also having a great time with his set of wheels, which he rides around the apartment singing his version of the Wiggles' song "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car".
Then he wanted to take my picture. Is this what he sees everytime I talk to him? Yikes!