Friday, March 14, 2008

Bugged by Bugs

A few nights ago when I was putting Sam and Levi to bed, Sam looked up from his pillow and spotted a small spider on the ceiling. At first I tried to help him forget about it and told him what I was always told: spiders are our friends. They eat all the other bugs. He wasn't buying it.

So, I asked him if I should kill it. He said yes, so I went and retrieved the broom and a tissue, and got the job done.

Sam: "Is it dead?"

Me: "Yep. Dead and gone."

And with that, Sam burst into tears. "I didn't really want him to die!" Oh, my sensitive boy.

The next morning he discovered that there were two teeny tiny ants crawling on our heater, right next to his child-sized table where he eats his breakfast. His eyes were big as he reported their presence to me (he is a true city boy, not at all into bugs!). I asked him if we should kill them or just let them be. He decided to let them be and move his breakfast to the "big" table.

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