Friday, January 11, 2008

The Newest Godzwa: Nathanael James

I'd like to introduce you to our new son, Nathanael James! He was born a month ago today, December 11, 2007. Forgive me for the short post, but he is laying on my lap as I type. For all the details (yes, even more than you may be interested in) take a look at some of Mike's recent blog entries.

I'm happy to indulge you with some pictures, though!

First, the final belly picture taken the day before Nate's arrival. I was amazed at how big my belly actually got (as was just about everyone else)!

We chose the name Nathanael because it means "Gift of God". We weren't expecting him, but God was and knew he would be a blessing to us and to others. His middle name, James, is in honor of my dad.

He was 9 lbs., 22 inches long at birth!

What did you get for Christmas? We got a baby.

Nate loves his daddy!

Sam and Levi love "Baby Nate", and cover him with kisses every chance they get. Sam's most common phrase is "I love my baby brother", complete with a little pouty face. So sweet! I don't have any pictures of Levi with Nate, since I'm usually trying to make sure he doesn't sit on him, (we're still working on the meaning of "gentle").

Fun times at Nana and PawPaw's house for Christmas!

Sam, the happy Elf

And finally, taken today at one month old. At his 3 week checkup he was already over 10 lbs and has outgrown several sleepers. He's even starting to coo and smile!

Stay tuned for more details... I promise I'll post more often. :)


Meg said...

I was wrong, Jen, he looks like the other boys! They're cute, though, so it's ok.

Kelly said...

Hi Nate! Hi, Levi! Hi, Sam! We had such a nice time with you guys over the holidays! We miss you already . . . Love, Aunt Kelly