Saturday, February 07, 2009

Catching up

Well, I'm finally back.  I took an unplanned blogging break.  Not because I didn't want to write, but life was getting the best of me.  The holidays rolled around, so I simplified and cut back on everything that didn't have to do with Christmas.  Then I was so spent from Christmas that I simplified yet again in January!

I certainly am not on top of things yet, but I'm not sure that will happen for another several years.  The kids are growing so quickly, and as I've mentioned before, my main regret in not blogging more often revolves around record-keeping and allowing far-off family and friends watch them grow, too.  So here's a very brief recap from the past two months:

Star Wars has become all the rage.

Peek-a-boo is quite popular, as well.

And in general, looking cute is quite acceptable.

Playing together is often successful, except when it's not.

The first snow was a big hit!

We're trying to keep Nate from a future in thievery.

More shenanigans.

Part of the reason I did not write sooner is because Mike got a new computer.  This was a wonderful and unexpected blessing!  It meant that my old Dell could finally give up the ghost as I would inherit Mike's 2 year old Mac book.  But that also meant I'd have to learn a new operating system and get my photos and docs transferred to this computer.  Because of all of this, I'm not exactly where pictures of Nate's birthday, Christmas day, and other important info is stored at this specific moment, but I can confirm that it all happened, and was very fun!

Also, Nate is beginning to walk!  Check this out:

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Kelly said...

I'd say you're doing a fantastic job, Jen - and your house looks quite neat and "together" in the pictures ;-)
Miss you lots!