Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rounding the corner

Well, I think we've made it to potty-training success! Sam has gone to preschool for 2 weeks with his "big boy underpants" on without any accidents. He also hasn't had even a small accident in several days. He hasn't mastered nighttime or #2 yet, but it's clear that these things will come soon.

To celebrate, last Saturday we all went out to McDonald's for lunch and then to Child's Play Toy Store to pick up Sam's potty reward, a marble run.

Incidentally, ever since he's been on track with going to the potty a lot of his defiance has dissipated. It makes me wonder which came first -- did he decide to cooperate with potty training as well as other things in life, or did his success in potty training lead to feeling more grown-up, thus acting more grown-up? Any thoughts?


Sarah said...

Hi Jen! I love potty training! Well, not so much the training, but the result is freedom! We're gearing up for #3. We got the little potty chair down and are talking it up. We might just be diaper free around here soon. Wow! That hasn't happened in 5 1/2 years!

Your boys seem to be a great joy! What a blessing.

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