Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Years Ago...

... I became a mommy for the first time.  Wow, how time flies!  And how my life has changed.  But more than that, my children have changed me.  

Today is Sam's 5th birthday! I'll blog more about the festivities when we're home from vacation, but I thought I'd contemplate some of the ways I've changed since becoming a mother:

  • I can accomplish more in a day with less sleep than I ever did before kids.
  • I am more creative - I can entertain a 2 year old with an ear infection for 45 min. in a doctor's office in a pinch.
  • I drink just as much coffee, but it's almost never at a coffee shop.
  • If I'm going anywhere, I start to prepare for the outing at least an hour in advance, if not more.  I factor in 15 minutes just to get everyone strapped into the car.
  • I do waaaay more laundry.
  • I actually know how to cook.
  • I am more merciful, less selfish, and more empathetic.  Except when my hubby tries to sleep in because he has a cold.   (Sorry, Hon.)
  • I take fewer showers. ;)
  • My home is not as clean.  Or should I say, my home is not clean.
  • I cry at anything having to do with children being harmed, including the 5:00 news.  Scratch that - we don't watch the 5:00 news anymore so that our children are not exposed to violence.
  • Small talk that doesn't involve the subject of young children is very hard to come up with.
  • I have a blog.
This is certainly not an exhaustive list.  But one thing I know:  God is working out my salvation through my children.  I am changed, and I don't always like what I am but I know I am better because of raising these babes.  It is hard, but it is good.

I love my life. 


Corey Godzwa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

I'm totally with you: I am a basket case when I read books or watch movies with kids being harmed. And that's saying something since I am among the least empathetic people around. Motherhood changes you.

Amy said...

I wish I had read your newest post while we were WITH you guys at the lake. Jen, your writing is so profound and many of us mommies can probably relate to much of what you wrote. Being a mom can be heartbreaking, heartfilling, AND a total life- changing experience. It was a blessing to spend a week with you five! Happy unpacking! Love, Amy

Kelly said...

Nicely put, Jen :-)
Happy Birthday Sam!
Love and miss you guys,
Uncle Dave, Aunt Kelly
Rebekah, Joseph and Jonathan