Friday, July 04, 2008

Blue Berries and Blue Lips

After a day or two of recuperation, we were off and running again. We've had a busy week! I'm ready for vacation.

On Wednesday we went back to Bulter's Orchard for a little blueberry picking, again with Megan and her boys. Here are the berries:

Here are our boys:

Again, Blogger is rotating my pictures. What's up?! Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? They are right side up in My Pictures.

We had to be taken to the berry fields via tractor ride, which all the boys except Levi loved. I'm sure we are quite a sight, both of us with a baby strapped to us, toddler in tow and running after preschoolers! Thankfully this seems to be a very popular outing among moms and their kids. We had some fun conversations with other moms of 3 and 4 kids on the tractor ride. It's like we're a part of a sisterhood or something.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with friends Anita, Symon and baby Elsa at Hayse Park. Wow, it's a great little place. They've got a creative playground to climb and play around, and a fantastic sand area.

Levi has really enjoyed climbing in the past few days! He's not so cautious lately; this afternoon we found him in his crib, though we hadn't put him there! Here's my little climber in action:

But really, the afternoon was about the Sprayground. Look at this:

They had a blast! Levi wasn't interested in the sprinklers, so he spent the afternoon doing this:

Grrr. More sideways photos.

Anita and I got to chat, and I got to hold baby Elsa.

After about an hour of running around in the sprayground, the boys were cold and hungry!

The sun got rid of their blue lips, though.


Becoming Me said...

Baby Elsa is so sweet. I had no clue that Anita was even pregnant. LOL. I talked to her on the phone and she said, "Yeah, baby Elsa is 8 weeks..." I practically screamed, "You have a baby???"

Sarah said...

I've found that if I copy/paste the problematic photos to a different location (eg, my desktop) and then upload them from there, they're not rotated anymore... Not sure why certain ones end up that way in the first place though! HTH. :)

Nice to find your blog and see what you all are up to (linked over from Raquel's blog).