Monday, September 29, 2008


Nobody can say Nate doesn't have rhythm.

The large "box" you see Sam and Levi playing in is actually the shelf that belongs in our bedroom. We had left the back off so that it didn't cover up our thermostat control, but the shelf wasn't sturdy enough without it. So yesterday I brought it out to the living room to finish up. I figured Sam would have a great time helping me nail (which he did). I put on some music to help us work, and the shelf was christened "the dancing box".


Kelly said...

Oh, I soooo just want to get all the kids together again to hang out and be cousins together.
We miss you ALL!

Becoming Me said...

That was one of the cutest videos I've seen!

melissa said...

Very funny! I got to your blog from a post you left on Rocks in my Dryer. I also love the toy organization with the blue bins against the blue wall.