Monday, June 25, 2007


I'll admit it:  I abandoned my blog.  I actually had to get an email from to find out my forgotten password!

When a friend mentioned that she always enjoyed my "quarterly blogs", (I had intended to write once a week or so) I realized I was at a point of decision.  Would the blog live or die?  Here I am, and the blog lives on!

A lot has happened in the past 4 months.  Here are the details in brief:
  • March:  Mike was gone for a week during spring break.  We were having huge problems with Sam's preschool teacher, and decided to transfer him to another school.  Along with it, Sam hit a really rough behavioral patch and parenting wasn't very fun.
  • April:  Levi had his first birthday on the 8th!  Sam's new preschool was light years better than the other location.  Even better, he went back to being the happy little guy I've usually known him to be!
  • May:  My period was late, and I shockingly realized that I was pregnant again!  After a few weeks of getting used to the idea, we realized how happy we were about it.  
  • June:  We went through a few days of adjustment after preschool was over.  Now we're enjoying our summer together.  Levi has been completely weaned for about 2 weeks - yay!  I'm 16 weeks pregnant, due mid December.
So those are the highlights.  Look for more details and pictures to come.  Or maybe I'll just start from here.  Either way, I've come back to blogland.  


mikegodz said...

The Godzwas have a blog revival!

Kelly said...

Thanks Jen!
We love to hear how you guys are doing - funny stories, news updates, etc. Miss all of you bunches. Think you'd be ready for visitors in mid-Dec? We'd love to come see you over the holidays!

Love ya,