Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the Contrary, it's Quite Complimentary

As I was in the shower the other day, Samuel came into the bathroom and asked me, "Mommy, are you not taking a shower?"

No, Sam hasn't picked up some sort of Elizabethan speech pattern. Since he turned 3 last summer, he has simply been in a stage of being contrary.

His being contrary has manifested itself in many ways over the year. Sometimes we can get him to do things by teasing him, saying he can't really do it. (smugly, "oh, I guess you're not putting on your pants because you don't know how.") Or we'll get him to eat his dinner by threatening to eat his ourselves. Hopefully we're not being too manipulative, since he knows we're teasing.

But the way he has been contrary lately is all about questions.
He'll ask me something
("Why can't we take the Corolla to the park instead of the van?")
and after I answer
("Because the air conditioner is broken in the Corolla")
he'll follow-up as if I had answered with the opposite response
("But why is the air conditioner not broken in the Corolla?").


I try my take each question seriously, even the hard and annoying ones. I try not to lie, even if I do with-hold information sometimes. But this drives me crazy! Thank God I have a sense of humor.

However, Sam has also recently become extremely complimentary. The other day I had my hair in a certain headband that he liked, and twice during the day Sam said to me, "Mommy, your hair is so pretty." I hadn't even washed it that day (which is why it was in the headband). He sent me the following email today with Mike's help:

Dear Mommy,


Mommy, we love you!


You are a great mommy!


Hey, you are good, mommy.

Love n td ftdfgfggfofdhhgkbbhghghhlgkgnbhjjfjgjfhfffjfjtyorlggdsggagsbbmm


Makes your heart melt, doesn't it? Oh, well, at least it would if you were me.

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