Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Introducing Baby #3

At the end of April we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we are expecting our third child! He or she is due mid-December. Here's a picture of our 14 week ultrasound:

(Baby's head is at the left.)

Since this is my last baby, I figured I'd document as much as I can. Here's the most current belly picture at 16 weeks:

Here is my 15 week picture when I was pregnant with Sam.

Aparently my abdominal muscles are not what they used to be! Sigh.

It's all worth it. Really. :)

Sam has lovingly named the baby girl (he insists its a girl!) "Egypt". He came up with that on his own.

For some reason, he thinks that instead of pink and blue, yellow is a boy's color and white is for girls. I asked him what he would do if the baby turns out to be a boy. He said, "I'll get lots of yellow things!"

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Kelly said...

You go, Sam! Aunt Kelly thinks that "Egypt" is a pretty creative name for a little sister - I like it. Have you thought of any nicknames?
Jen, you're looking great! Bekah and I were just looking at some old pictures from 2002. There´s a pic with you and Mike and Joseph (B.K. before kids) Very cute!
Thanks for the updates!