Thursday, May 08, 2008

A New 'Do

Sam's hair was getting out of control. Something had to be done.

Here's how it looked combed.

Here's how it looked not combed, on a good day.

I actually have enjoyed Sam's long hair recently, but it was getting to be a bit high maintenance. I know it's kind of the "thing" right now to have the shaggy look (and I do believe we achieved it), but it was getting so long that it was puffy. Plus, now that it's getting warm out he would return home after playing at the park with a wet head.

So last Saturday I suggested to Mike that he take Sam for a little father/son outing. The thing is, I didn't really want him to go to the barber, particularly because they pretty much do one haircut. High and tight. And although it's a good haircut, if you don't want high and tight, it's what you get anyway. So I suggested going to Supercuts, thinking maybe if a "stylist" did his hair then he could still keep a little length but still not be so shaggy.

In the course of the conversation Sam piped up and said he wanted his hair to be like Daddy's. The fact is, I cut Mike's hair. I use clippers, and cut it about every 3 weeks. That's how short it is. So, we set up shop here in our living room to do a little father/son hair cutting.

I don't know if Sam fully considered what it meant to have hair like Daddy's. It's a pretty drastic change. But I hadn't thought of that until I made the first cut and handed Sam this:

He started to panic a little. But I couldn't leave him with a bald patch on the side of his head, so we assured him that it was going to be great and pressed on. He did fine after that.

In the end, we were all happy with the results.

I'm sad to see the long hair go, but as I told Sam, if he doesn't like it, the good thing is that hair grows. And come fall we'll probably let it grow again, but this is a great 'do for the summer.
Besides, it makes me a little nostalgic. It reminds me of the barely 3-year-old boy he was in this picture:

We seem to have a trend going in Godzwa family haircuts.

Now we've just got to do something about this:


Becoming Me said...

I cannot believe how big he is. And boy, he really looks like Mike. His hair is so blond now too. Darling. You have adorable boys

Ruthie said...

That's a good looking hair cut. I cut Sam and Luke's hair, too....that looks like a very similar cut :)

Jess said...

He looks like a totally different kid!!! And even more like his Daddy now too!