Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And Some More Catching Up

Here are a few moments from June:

Sam often wants to "play" the adult games that are in our closet. One day a few weeks ago he talked Mike into playing RISK with him. I have a feeling this won't be the last time.

Mom and Dad came to keep us company and help me with the kids while Mike was away at a conference. Not only were they helpful, but I seriously felt like I was on vacation while they were here! They did my laundry, helped with the kids, let me sleep in and sent me off to go shopping by myself. Such luxury! And the kids loved having them around, of course. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

While they were here and after Mike returned home, we christened the swimming pool.

(For some reason blogger is turning my pictures the wrong way. Wish I could fix that!)

Daddy and Sam jumped right in, but Levi wasn't game. Most of the time he liked the idea but ran away each time we encouraged him to get in. I spent most of the time with him like this:

By the end of our pool time he was willing to put his feet in and play on the shallow first step. The next day we took him right in and popped him in his little inflatable boat before he had time to think about it. He had a moment of shock (at being the water, wet and just a smidge cold), but then couldn't stop saying "I in a pool! I in a wawer!"
And here is my proud boy on his last day of Pre-K. When I picked him up from school that day I said, "Sam, you're all done with Pre-K!" I must have been pouting a little, because he said, "Why are you sad?" Of course I didn't say that sometimes I wish he wouldn't grow up, that I've enjoyed age 4 so much with him and don't want him to change. But instead I said, "I'm not, buddy, I'm really proud of you." Which is true.

And last but not least, I'm going to try something new: a video! Here is the Godzwa family, chilling at home this past Sunday. Sam has been telling this joke... see if you can catch the punch line.

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Queen Mommy said...

I heard your laugh and it took me back sooooooo many years! I love the video...Your boys are beautiful!