Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Nate reached the 6 month mark on June 11th. I think this has probably been the fastest 6 months of my life! Nate has grown so fast. Most of the time I am trying not to wish away his babyhood; it is a lot of hard work these days, but I know I'll miss it when the kids are bigger.

Nate is such a sweet baby. He is very happy, rarely complaining of much even though I am constantly switching him from bouncy seat to exersaucer to baby swing to floor in the effort to cook a meal or dress another child or eat a meal. He always has a smile in return for a little attention, and has an easy giggle, too!

He rolled over for the first time last week, but still only endures tummy time for a few minutes before he beckons me to turn him over.

I'm eagerly anticipating the day when he can sit up on his own, unattended. He's on his way, but still a bit wobbly. We practice each day with the boppy pillow for support. Note the look of concentration.

He's also begun eating baby food. He's already accustomed to a handful of foods: bananas, oatmeal, pears, peas, peaches, sweet potatoes. He really loves eating!

Bananas are his favorite.

Here is what he thinks of avocados:

He's growing so fast! But something took place two nights ago that I've only read about and heard in folklore: he slept 8 hours on his own, without being sleep-trained! Last night he woke up, but didn't need to be fed for 8 hours again! We're not there yet, but it's the light at the end of the tunnel.

I can't wait for him to sleep through the night, but I'll certainly miss my baby when he's grown.


Meg said...

He is so big! 6 months! You are totally on the ball for giving him so many solids already. Good for you! It seems like just last week I was visiting you guys...

Becoming Me said...